Is your pond boiling?

For pond owners an exact water temperature is important for the following reasons:

  • For high temperatures of above 28 °C an additional aeration is required.
  • With temperatures below 15 °C a special food for lower temperatures, such as JBL PondEnergil/Koi Energil, needs to be fed. In temperatures of under 15 °C algae control works very slowly.
  • At 4 °C most pond technology, such as the UVC water clarifier, needs to be switched off.

The JBL Pond Thermometer has been designed for perfect monitoring. The unobtrusive blue thermometer floats and at a depth of 20 cm indicates the water temperature between 0 and 50 °C very precisely. It is equipped with a 5 m long nylon cord to pull it out of the pond.

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