All good things are worth waiting for – JBL UV-C with double-glass

UV-C water clarifiers are the ultimate solution for many aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts to clarify green water (floating algae), bacterial water cloudiness (whitish) as well as to diminish the germ counts in the water and reduce the risk of infection through pathogens.

The JBL development department had such a good improvement idea that the entire JBL UV-C range was redesigned and the idea became reality: Tests proved that no plastic material is permanently resistant to UV radiation. That’s why a construction was developed in which the UV radiation no longer hits the plastic but is instead reflected by a second glass wall, which is coated with a stainless steel foil. Tests implemented by an independent institute confirm that 0.000 mW/cm2 UV-C is measured outside the glass cylinder and the stainless steel foil. Thus JBL has produced the first UV-C water clarifier which is scientifically proven not to release any UV-C radiation to the outside and therefore provides a long-term solution against water cloudiness and germ load. The new JBL ProCristal (formerly the AquaCristal) UV-C water clarifier is available with 5 and 11 W (2 m cable), and with 18 and 36 W (5 m cable). Further innovations are the elbows which are included for a space-saving mounting and a smart connection piece (JBL ProCristal UV-C QuickConnect) which joins two or more UV-C clarifiers together.

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