JBL’s boss in the coral nursery

The reefs in the Caribbean are having a hard time of it. Global warming has increased the water temperature so much that a lot of the corals are dying, and hurricanes are growing more frequent and stronger and can devastate the reefs even at a depth of 10 meters. The Coral Restoration Foundation has been lovingly and successfully restoring the reefs of Florida's coasts since 2007. Coral fragments of 9 species of stony corals are hung in large metal "underwater trees" and grow from 10 cm to 18 cm in size in just 8 months before being glued to the reef top by divers. JBL supports the CRF with Megazoo Bangel, and, during his dive in the coral nursery, JBL general manager Roland Böhme was personally impressed by the enormous dedication of the employees and over 100 helpers working there. JBL will continue to support this fantastic reef conservation project.

A detailed report by JBL will be published in the December issue of the specialist magazine "Koralle".

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