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Aquatic turtles

Aquatic turtles

Fish, crustaceans, invertebrates, insects and vegetable matter - the new PROTERRA aquatic turtle range offers you and your pets a wide selection of different natural foods for a varied diet.



Herbs, grasses, flowers, vegetables and fruit - the new PROTERRA tortoise assortment offers you and your pets a wide selection of different natural foods for a varied diet.

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A food for every season.

Правильный уход за прудом зимой

Пруд в меняющемся мире

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Das Futter für deine Lieblinge!
Große Auswahl an Artenfutter!

Finde deine Sorte

Für jede Art findest du das passende Futter. Die prebiotische Ausrichtung verbessert die Verdaulichkeit. Bei der Herstellung verzichten wir für dich und deine Lieblinge auf künstlichen Farbstoffe. In einigen Futtersorten kommt zusätzlich das beliebte Insektenprotein der Soldatenfliegenlarve zur Stärkung deiner Fische zum Einsatz. Alle Sorten sind durch Naturbeobachtungen und Futtertests auf den JBL Expeditionen erforscht und bestätigt. Das Siegel „Expedition tested“ ist damit die Garantie für eine naturnahe Ernährung mit hoher Akzeptanz.

Мнения покупателей


Fascinating water worlds for your home
Mehr erfahren


Tips and ideas for starting and maintaining a natural habitat
Mehr erfahren


Having a functioning, healthy and algae-free pond is not magic!
Mehr erfahren

Преимущество научного подхода

Для серьезной разработки продукта необходимы основательные исследования. Таким образом, биологи, работающие в научно-исследовательском центре JBL, и исследовательская группа JBL организуют экспедиции на родину обитателей аквариума и террариума, чтобы пронаблюдать их повадки на месте и проанализировать места обитания. Только так можно разработать профессиональные продукты для оптимального содержания животных.


Expedition Colombia - Research. Measurement data. Findings.

In this episode #07, expedition leader biologist Heiko Blessin and presenter Matthias Wiesensee summarise the observations, highlights and scientific findings with facts & figures that were collected on the JBL Expedition Colombia.



The water change is the lifeblood of your aquarium. Not only do we have the right tools for this, we also have a #jbldeal for you that will benefit you and your fish.


Treat yourself for Christmas with the JBL XMAS CASHBACK!

The MEGA #jbldeal at Christmas. Get up to 15 % cashback.


JBL at the Vivarium 2023

Last weekend, more than 12,000 visitors strolled through the Vivarium exhibition hall. We were there too and welcomed some of the visitors to our booth.


JBL at the aqua EXPO 2023

The aqua EXPO took place from Sept 29 to Oct 1, 2023, in Dortmund, Germany. At the ZOOBOX.de booth, our experts Elias and Gary were on hand to answer questions about our products and exchange ideas about the hobby.


The TOP Highlights of the 18 JBL Expeditions Part 3

As the expedition leader, the question I’m asked most often about our expeditions is: What was the most beautiful expedition so far? And this is exactly the question that’s hardest to answer.



JBL launches new vitamins and minerals for reptiles

Along with our new turtle food, the JBL research and development department has been working intensively on species-appropriate food and mineral supplements for reptiles. It was important, for example, that the vitamin A content does not exceed certain limits.

JBL Expedition: Peru with Rainbow Mountains by motorbike

Have you ever wanted to ride a motorbike through the Andes and see the unique natural spectacle of the Rainbow Mountains in South America's highest mountain range?

JBL answers your requests: what would you like to see on JBL TV?

JBL TV is the most successful series made by a manufacturer of aquatics, terraristics and pond sector products. Up to 100,000 end consumers use the educational films...

Did you know that UV-C water clarifiers can get limescale and then stop working?

If you’ve ever opened your UV-C water clarifier to find out why its effectiveness has diminished so much, you were probably surprised to find the glass tube around the UV-C bulb completely covered in a layer of limescale.

JBL Expedition South Seas with first evidence in the region

Normal divers don't even notice the small, somewhat inconspicuous damselfish. It is just one of thousands of Pomacentridae that live in the coral reefs of the South Seas. But aquarists and marine biologists only notice the sharks and manta rays in passing …


Advent Calendar 2023

Real products await you every day behind the virtual doors of the traditional Advent calendar. JBL Santa and his elves have hidden more than 60 attractive prizes worth over 10,000 euros. Don't miss out on the chance to win a high-quality product pack.

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