JBL water jet pump - an easy way to suit everyone.

There are things that we’ve all come across at some point in our lives without recognising their true value! These include those water jet pumps everyone used in school chemistry experiments to create low pressure.

Today's aquaristics makes excellent use of this exact same effect for water changes. Connect the JBL water jet pump to the water tap (a thread adapter may be needed), connect the hose of the gravel cleaner (aquarium floor cleaner) to the water jet pump as well, and open the water tap. The vacuum that is now created siphons the water out of the aquarium and lets you carry out your partial water change and substrate cleaning. If the aquarium is positioned higher than the sink, the tap only needs to be opened briefly - the water will continue to flow by itself. If the aquarium is lower, you can still siphon the water upwards, but only when the tap is running. Now comes the second benefit. When enough water has been siphoned off, simply turn a small "tap" on the water jet pump and the pump will stop siphoning off aquarium water and start adding tap water to the aquarium. Practical, time-saving and there’s no danger of you accidentally flooding a room! ( JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT water jet pump , art. no. 6142900)

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