Holding your breath for 3 minutes to observe fish – That’s no problem anymore

„Unbelievable“ was the most frequent participant comment after the JBL freediving course with Christian Redl, the eightfold world record holder, in the monte mare water park. With the support of mares and monte mare JBL had advertised a one day intensive training course for anyone wanting to improve their freediving skills, perhaps to observe fish in their natural habitat. 18 participants arrived, everyone from retailers to aquarium enthusiasts, to learn from the best. The course started with the participants their breath in the children’s pool, which hardly took a minute. After listening to some fascinating theory from Christian Redl, who is able to hold his breath for over 7 minutes, they tried again and everyone doubled or even tripled their first results. General manager Roland Böhme managed 3.5 minutes! After this sense of achievement some theory on the subject of snorkelling followed, and after this came some distance diving with dedicated apnea diving fins, supplied by mares. Here the distances were between 30 and 60 metres.

During the final deep diving in the 10 m diving pool the depth of 10 m was no problem anymore. The only question was, what the participant is supposed to do with the remaining air down there? Everyone is now looking forward to the next outdoor stay, whether on vacation or on a JBL expedition. Because that’s where you may meet the sort of adventures that Christian Redl has recently encountered: belly on belly with a 3 m large shark – very relaxed and for several minutes! It’s just a question of attitude - honest!

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