JBL modernises and optimises

The job is only to fill some fish food into tins, but it’s much more complicated than you’d think! Sticking on the labels would be easy, if they didn’t have to be in an exact position to the click dispenser lid. And if there’s a single crumb of food left on the rim of the can after the food has been filled, the sealing film won’t close properly. And how does the filling machine know whether there is too much or too little food in the can?

As a new JBL food line is to be launched in autumn, we’ve also installed a completely new filling line with the most modern machines. This combination of different machine manufacturers for filling, checking and sealing is also demanding. It's like fitting a Porsche engine in a Ferrari, while the wheels are from a Lamborghini.

The new filling line is currently trialling and it has some innovations that benefit the quality of JBL food. A camera checks whether the cans are really round and not oval. A sensor checks the filling height of the cans. A blower cleans the rims of the cans and then after sealing we check by vacuum suction that everything was completely airtight. Then camera systems check the position of the lids and the torque of the lid seat. Finally, a new lid label has to be applied to the click dispenser lids so that the cut-out is positioned exactly over the dosing hole. That’s how straightforward the new JBL food filling system is...

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