Problems with plant growth

Don’t your plants grow as vigorously and beautifully as you wish?

Nothing is more annoying than buying beautiful plants which then decline and die. Basically plants “only” need the right light, the main nutrient carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as trace minerals and elements. But plants react extremely if only one factor is insufficiently available or missing. This factor then limits the plant growth (Liebig’s Law of the Minimum). Fortunately you can see what is missing on a plant quite well. The visual appearance precisely indicates the missing or deficient substance. Only exception: plant-eating fish! If you supply your plants with all essentials but they still decline, have holes or damaged leaves, always check your fish community. Long-whiskered cat fish are typically present in a lot of aquariums and the owners don’t know they also like to eat plants.

What’s wrong with my plants and fish?

We will show and explain all the important deficiency symptoms of fish and plants. In addition you can learn how to avoid or to remedy deficiency diseases/symptoms here.

Deficiency symptoms

Here’s how to prevent deficiency symptoms in fish and plants

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