Aquascaping aquarium type JBL Dreamscape®

JBL Dreamscape®

Aquascaping aquarium type JBL Dreamscape®

With this aquarium in your living space you’re guaranteed to make heads turn. The reproduction of a mountain landscape with jagged rocks, valleys and meadows fascinates everyone. Small shrimps bustle about in the valleys and keep them clean. This aquarium style is called aquascaping.

Aquascaping is a style where landscapes above the water are recreated as underwater landscapes. This aquarium represents a mountain landscape with valleys and forests. After a few days the plants start growing and grow together into one unit. With this aquascaping aquarium you’re guaranteed to make all heads turn.

Modelled on nature

As already described, a landscape above water, such as a mountain landscape serves as a model. The sky is the limit for your imagination! Aquascapers also reproduce mountain gorges, forests with fallen trees and even deserts with cacti! If you like a model, take a photo of it and reproduce it under water. This is very demanding and not easy. But that is just the challenge for aquascapers.


Where is the best place to put your aquarium?

Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 40 cm = 110 litres, weight: approx. 150 kg (goes easily on your floor!)

What are the electricity costs?

Maximum € 13.90 per month.

Who takes care of the aquarium during your holiday?

An automatic feeder ( JBL AutoFood BLACK ) will provide the food supply.

What are the costs of the JBL Dreamscape®?

Aquarium with cover: approx. € 200

Aquarium cabinet: approx. € 100

Fish & plants & decoration: approx. € 490

Technical items &food & care products: approx. € 565

Aquarium information


80 x 35 x 40 cm = 110 l

Water values

pH value: 6.0-7.5

KH: 4-8 °dKH

Nitrite (NO2): 0 mg/l

Iron (Fe): 0.2 mg/l

CO2: 25 mg/l

Temperature: 23-25 °C

Special features

Aquascaping aquariums are absolute eye-catchers and really fascinating for all onlookers. But they also need a bit more maintenance than other aquarium types because the plants are far more demanding. The weekly partial water change is a must. The fertilisation of the plants is also essential. Anyone who follows these two care measures will own a wonderful aquarium with invertebrates and fish of which you'll never get bored! Finally it’s better not to position the aquarium in excessive light as direct sunlight promotes algae growth.


The fish, invertebrates and plants in this aquarium are uncomfortable in hard water. If you live in a region with hard water you need to adjust your tap water to the values recommended above by adding reverse osmosis water.

The decoration suited to the JBL Dreamscape®

Here you can see what substrate and plants you need to transform your scape into a realistic-looking landscape.


JBL Sansibar GREY

Grey, fine substrate for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

  • Fine, uncoloured sandy soil: substrate for fresh and saltwater aquariums and aqua-terrariums
from 14,70 €


Volcanic natural substrate for aquascaping

  • Volcanic rock substrate as stable foundation for rock and root wood constructions: dedicated substrate for aquascaping aquariums
from 14,70 €


Brown substrate for shrimp aquariums

  • Soil without additional nutrients for shrimp aquariums: special substrate for aquascaping aquariums
from 26,10 €
Mini landscape

25 kg, mixed, 10- 30 cm


These plants suit a Dreamscape® aquarium:

Plant (A)

Dwarf baby tears

(Hemianthus callitrichoides cuba)

20 plants

Plant (B)

Indian toothcup

5 plants

Planting plan

Here you can see the exact location of the plants in the aquarium. The letters characterise the plant species mentioned above.

Aquarium technology

This outline shows all the technical products you need for the aquascaping aquarium and a price quotation to give you an idea of the costs involved.

Used products
JBL CRISTALPROFI e702 greenline
External filter for aquariums from 60-200 litres
from 148,90 €
More View product
High-performance LED light for aquariums
from 129,32 €
More View product
LED effect light as supplement to JBL LED SOLAR NATUR
from 107,39 €
More View product
Plant fertiliser system with refillable cylinder and night switch-off
from 271,71 €
More View product
High performance direct diffuser for CO2
from 28,23 €
More View product
JBL Aquarium Thermometer Slim
Slim glass thermometer for aquariums
from 7,09 €
More View product
Heating for aquariums, 100 W safety heater-stat with protective basket
from 35,93 €
More View product
Floating glass cleaning magnet for aquariums
from 18,11 €
More View product

The animal stock for the aquascaping aquarium

The following animals suit your Dreamscape® aquarium:

Ember tetras

Hyphessobrycon amandae

30 animals

Cherry shrimps

Neocaridina davidi

15 animals

Spotted nerites

Neritina natalensis

8 animals

Amano shrimps

Caridina japonica

8 animals

Video about the setup of the JBL Dreamscape®

In a short 7 minute video we show you what the completed aquarium will look like and how to set it up step by step. Directly after the setup the plants have not yet developed properly. This will take around two weeks.

How to maintain your aquascaping aquarium

Set up and general maintenance
  • Illuminate your aquarium approx. 8 hours/day during the first 2 weeks, afterwards a maximum illumination of 12 hours is possible.
  • Carry out a 50% water change 3 times per week during the first 3 weeks (each second day). Afterwards a water change of 50 % each week is sufficient.

Check daily whether the technical items are working correctly ( Aquarium filters and aquarium accessories , CO2 plant fertilisation and Light ).

Water treatment and tests

Tap water is not always suitable for fish. That’s why it needs to be adapted to the requirements of the fish with an appropriate water conditioner ( JBL Biotopol ), before adding them. Add a bacteria starter ( JBL Denitrol ) one hour later and you can add fish. Please check the nitrite content with the JBL NO2 Nitrite Test every 2 days during the first 2 weeks.

Plant care

Please make sure that you add enough CO2 from day one.

Start with the fertilisation 1 week after the initial start of the aquarium.

Use a complete fertiliser ( JBL PROFLORA Ferropol 15 ml weekly), best with an additional daily fertiliser ( JBL PROFLORA Ferropol 24 ), which you add into the aquarium in the morning, before switching on the lighting. Start with 50 % of the normal dosage and increase as the plants grow.

After 5-6 weeks you can start pruning the plants.

The plant species will determine how often you need to prune.

Please always remove dying or wilting leaves – this can be easily done with long scissors ( JBL PROSCAPE TOOLS S STRAIGHT ).

Maintenance time per week

45 minutes

How often do you need to empty and to clean the complete aquarium?

Your JBL Dreamscape® will stay healthy and beautiful for many years with the care described above. Redecorating your aquarium a few years later is no problem.


2x daily as much as the fish can eat in 2 minutes.

JBL NovoGranoMix mini
Mini granulate main food for small aquarium fish
from 6,51 €
More View product
JBL NovoGranoColor mini
Granular main food for colourful small aquarium fish
from 5,39 €
More View product
JBL NovoPrawn
Complete food for shrimps
from 5,72 €
More View product
JBL NanoPrawn
Main food for shrimps in small aquariums
from 3,73 €
More View product

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