Food sorts

The right nutrition for aquarium fish

If you only keep one fish species in your aquarium you’ll need the appropriate food for this species. But as soon as several fish species live in the aquarium, all their demands need to be met. This means the fish will be confronted by all kinds of food, but this doesn't matter because this happens in the wild too. Even predatory fish feed plant food since it is present in its prey’s digestive tract. It is essential that you cover all the nutritional needs of your fish with a variety of foods.

Which fish species like which food sorts?

As with mammals, different fish require different types of food. For example, the piranha and the neon tetra belong to the tetras, but they have, as everyone knows, totally different food demands. While this is quite obvious with these two species, it is less known with others. We have, therefore, put together a list, in which you can see which foods are ideal for your fish.

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