Aquarium cleaning – much less work than you think

It is a widespread belief that it’s necessary to tip the aquarium upside down regularly and to boil the gravel. This is complete nonsense!

Every now and then you need to clean your aquarium panes. During each partial water change the dirt needs to be removed from the substrate and every 4-8 weeks a filter cleaning is due – that’s it!

Cleaning of the panes

Each aquarium works differently, but after about one week a light algae coating forms on the glass panes which you can quickly and easily remove with a JBL glass cleaner. With the JBL Floaty II you won’t even get your arms wet and you can comfortably and efficiently clean the panes from outside within a few minutes. Caution: always take care when cleaning the pane that no tiny stone (sand or gravel) gets between the glass cleaner and the aquarium pane. Sand and gravel scratch your panes!

Cleaning the cover pane

In the course of time limestone deposits on the cover pane and reduces the intensity of the lighting which reaches the aquarium water. You can easily remove the lime residue with an acidic cleaning agent. Please make sure that no cleaner residues reach your aquarium water. JBL has a special, non-toxic glass cleaner in its range: JBL Clean A .

Partial water change

The most important care measure is the partial water change, which should be carried out together with the substrate cleaning. Siphon about 1/3 of the aquarium water with a hose. Please connect the hose with a gravel cleaner, instead of just sucking off clear water (suitable products you can find here: Gravel cleaning ). Go with its suction piece gradually through the aquarium ground and siphon the debris off (similar to a vacuum cleaner). Subsequently the sucked off water needs to be replaced by tap water and with the water conditioner JBL Biotopol you can remove the heavy metals and neutralise any chlorine contained in the water.

You can find out more about this topic here Water change .

Cleaning the filter

Internal filters need to be cleaned every two weeks. Since external filters have a larger volume their cleaning interval may be longer. Filter cleaning of external filters: Depending on the dirt accumulation the complete filter or maybe only the pre-filter (as in the External filters range) needs to be cleaned under running water. Please inoculate the filter again with filter bacteria ( JBL FilterStart ) after cleaning.