Professional tip: Do white koi need different food to red-and-white or orange-coloured koi?

The fish colours are created by pigments in special pigment cells inside the skin. Natural substances such as carotenes and astaxan- thines enhance special yellowish and reddish colours in the skin. But if too many natural colorants are added to the food, even a white koi can become pink!

Therefore a lot of experience and knowledge is re- quired to achieve colour enhancement with clear colour separation at the same time! Unlike red koi, orange-coloured koi or goldfish don’t need any other colour enhancing ingredients because the carotenes, and even more so the astaxanthines, have an intensifying effect on their colour pigmentation. Now there is no need for fish owners to worry about feeding their fish artificial chemicals to make them beautifully coloured! The carotenes (from carrots etc.) and even more so the expensive astaxanthines originate from high-quality feed ani- mals, such as krill, gammarus, brine shrimp, cyclops and water fleas – thus from a natural fish diet. They are extracted and concentrated and then, carefully dosed, and finally added added to the pond food. Metallic shimmering colours, depending on the incidence of light, are called structural colours and can’t be influenced by the food. Feeding your fish in accordance with the NEO index, means you

Feeding your fish in accordance with the NEO index, means you are providing your fish with the perfect food for each fish size, fish age and season and for all living conditions. This way your fish stay healthy, grow well and display beautiful colours with clear colour separation.

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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