Would you like to learn some interesting facts about your hobby or have a glimpse behind the scenes at JBL? Our team of experts regularly share tips, knowledge, and further information not to be found on any packaging or product. Use this opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Experience the expert team as never before.

KOI: Are you feeding them to live, or just exist?


The problem with fish is their enormous capacity for tolerating bad practices. They can be fed the wrong food for a long time and survive it. But if you take a close look at your koi, you will notice clear differences in them, depending on which feed you use: their health, body shape, colouring, growth and activity - these are all factors where you can see...

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JBL PROMEAL - The food box for aquarium and terrarium keepers


The first JBL PROMEAL food box gives you the choice of the following dishes.

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Are you planning for an algae problem in your pond?


It’s no joke: at time of writing lots of pond owners are already laying the foundations for a fat algae problem in spring/summer! The increasing hours of sunshine cause algae problems to burst into action. However, the cause is ALWAYS an excess of nutrients and NEVER the light.

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How is a reel / TikTok video made? - A visit to the Landau Reptilium


Even though the short videos on Instagram and TikTok are just a maximum of 15 seconds long, a lot of work goes into making these short clips look the way you see them.

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Formal “Sie” or informal “du”? - International communication is not always easy - take Germany as an example!


There, you can address the individual community members with the familiar "du" or the polite but more distant "Sie", depending on how close you are to the addressee. The "Sie" can strengthen the underlining of our professionalism, but can also be perceived as a little distant.

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JBL Roadshow - Vienna


After visiting and filming the latest JBL TV episodes at Haus des Meeres, our online marketing team became a "mini" roadshow and visited a few customers/retailers in the Vienna area. These included Liquid Nature, Garnelaxia, the Zierfisch Zentrum Austria and a Kölle Zoo shop.

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JBL Roadshow 2022/23 - Online meets Offline extended


We’re going on a journey with the aim to creating good content. And we want to take you with us.

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Moving stories from the life of pond bacteria


We’re invisible to the eye and therefore completely uninteresting to most pond owners. But we are proud, we don't hold it against our pond master.

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No diving - but a pond at least


As a biologist and nature-lover I enjoy observing and photographing animals in the wild. Since I don’t have time for a trip into nature every day I’ve brought a piece of nature home to me. In my apartment I have an aquarium and in my garden there’s a pond!

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Koi crash course - From A to Z


Would you like to look after and advise customers who are koi owners or potential koi owners? Then the best thing you can do is to travel to the Niigata Prefecture in Japan for two months and learn everything you need to know from the koi breeders there.

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€ 200,000 for one koi – Unforgettable times in Japan


Koi in Japanese natural ponds have so much room to swim in, think single goldfish in an indoor swimming pool! In autumn, the natural ponds are emptied and they can see how beautifully the animals have developed.

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Vienna - Haus des Meeres


As we mentioned in the last blog, our JBL marketing team visited the Haus des Meeres in August 2021 for the filming of the new JBL TV episodes.

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JBL TV shoot in Vienna – Making a JBL film


The online marketing team went to Vienna to assist our biologist Heiko as he shot our latest JBL TV episodes and to give you a look behind the scenes. The film location was the “Haus des Meeres” in the heart of the city.

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BEST OF JBL TV 2021 - Review and Preview


826 days ago, on Oct 11, 2019, the first JBL TV episode was released. A format that takes on fundamentally important aspects of the aquarium, terrarium and pond and explains them clearly.

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Measure properly with PROSCAN! Here’s how!


"This is inaccurate" or "this is no good" – you’ll hear comments like this again and again in the aquaristic scene. How come? Let us explain!

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THANK YOU & Happy New Year 2022


What can you expect in 2022? What happened in 2021? Our summary and new prospects.

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JBL on TikTok & Instagram - This was 2021


Produkte in unter 30 Sekunde erklären und die Anwendung zu zeigen. TikTok und Instagram machen es möglich.

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The JBL Community Calendar 2022 - Download Now


It can be used digitally or printed out. The calendar contains the 12 best photos.

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Mild winters - what does that mean for garden ponds?


If you follow this advice, you will have a trouble-free winter for your garden pond and its inhabitants. And then we can all look forward to a beautiful spring!

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Merry Christmas from the JBL Team


I feel like it was only a few weeks ago I was writing this for 2020. But 365 days have already passed and we can look back on an eventful and positive year.

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