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Main Catalogue

Dear Friends of JBL, We have made a start on two aims for 2016. The entire JBL ProFlora CO2 concept has been completelyrevised and, in line with the trend towards very small aquariums, we have developed a mini filter with an outstanding filter performance which belies its size. And, apart from putting a great deal of effort into product development, we are also constructing a new 2000 m2 hall for food production. This means that you will be able to look forward to us introducing a completely new food concept in 2017. We plan to produce the world’s best fish food! Cordially, Roland Böhme


Pond Catalogue

Dear Pond Enthusiasts, Because pond owners are not necessarily keen on doing lots of water tests, I am happy to say that with the new JBL ProScan, every pond enthusiast can now carry out a six fold water test using a smart phone, in only 60 seconds. The water analysis with a smartphone is really fun and very precise too. Particularly helpful are the value analysis and trouble-shooting which are displayed after the water values. Using this innovation, effective pond care has just become a lot easier. It’s worth putting to the test! All the best, Roland Böhme



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