JBL has about 160 employees working in the JBL plant in Neuhofen and in the European sales force, which operates in countries including Austria, France, England, Holland, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

We are JBL

160 employees work for JBL. Most of them work in production and in the logistics center. About 30 members of the staff work in administration and research and 30 people are in the sales force - Europe-wide. Almost all employees have pets of their own. Many have a freshwater and some even a saltwater aquarium.

This is how we work

A lot of involved departments are needed to transform an idea for a product into a finished saleable product. Here’s an example to illustrate.

A pet shop employee/owner has an idea. He finds it difficult to sell 3 different foods to his customers for the breeding of juvenile fish. He tells his sales representative of his idea to offer ONE carton, containing 3 food sizes.

Our sales representative passes the idea on to the head of food development.

In the next development meeting this proposal is submitted and its feasibility discussed. The sales managers for Germany and Export are requested to estimate the demand of such a product. Many ideas are good but meet too small a target group to make production possible. The minimum quantity for a type of flake, for instance, is 2000 kg.

A prototype of the food is manufactured and fed to juvenile fish in JBL’s own research center. After possible modifications the prototypes go to the fish breeders for testing. After further adjustments we decide whether to produce the product. The packaging and tin sizes are discussed.

The purchasing department procures the raw materials, the tins and possibly the outer packaging.

Marketing develops the layout of the packaging. The language versions are determined in consultation with the export department.

The production manager sets up the machines for production, and produces the food as soon the raw materials have arrived and the machines have free capacities.

The general manager and the sales manager calculate the wholesale price and the recommended retail price for specialist pet shops, based on the costs of raw materials, production and packaging.

The logistics center reserves storage for the upcoming product.

Marketing develops a market launch strategy (e.g. a sample distribution or an advertising campaign).

Online marketing starts online activities for the product launch.

The new product is promoted in the press, on social media and by our sales force.

Sales start and pet shops order the new product. The sales department in Germany accepts the orders and hands them over to the logistics center. There the individual items of the order are gathered from the racks of the high-bay warehouse, then packed and sent to the customers.

By the way, the process we described really did happen and the product is called JBL NovoBaby!