Can food lead to illness?

Nutritional deficiencies

It’s a strange-sounding topic, but unfortunately an important one. On production, quality food, such as JBL’s, has the high vitamin content the fish need for their immune system. About 3 months after first opening the container/bucket, the vitamin content has decreased dramatically due to the air and the influence of light and the food needs to be used up or new food purchased. This is comparable to frozen vegetables in an open packet. If the same food is still being fed 3 months later, it can lead to vitamin deficiencies, which in turn can lead to an increased susceptibility to germs.

If you buy very cheap brown pellets, either to save money or because you don't know the difference, you won’t usually get pond fish food, you'll get trout or carp fattening feed, with a composition completely unsuitable for your pond fish. It will massively overfatten your pond fish and eventually lead to their death.

Like us humans, fish also need a balanced diet, which has adapted in the course of their evolution to correspond to the huge diversity to be found in the wild. This diversity and the metabolism’s demand on the food was taken into account for the development of ProPond® / NEO Index® . Each individual ProPond® / NEO Index® food can be fed to your fish as a complete food to keep them healthy. Nevertheless even fish appreciate variety and they’ll reward you with even more beautiful colours, increased growth, familiarity and often also with offspring. Have a look at the JBL ProPond concept and make one or two additions to your basic food.

Healthy, strong Koi in the tanks of Japanese breeders