Oxygen and temperature

As important as air for breathing!

Oxygen determines not only our life, but also the life of your pond dwellers and even that of the pollutant degrading beneficial bacteria – but this only applies when there is enough oxygen available.

The right oxygen supply for your pond

What do you need to remember?

How does oxygen enter your pond water? As long as the oxygen concentration of our air (21 %) is higher than in the pond water, oxygen (O2) will always diffuse from the air through the water surface into the pond water. The larger the surface, the higher the gas exchange. Wave movement, diffuser stones with air bubbles, waterspouts and waterfalls enlarge the surface and thus increase the oxygen content in the water.

For very deep ponds with plenty of fish the water surface is no longer sufficient for the oxygen supply and needs to be supported by technology (as mentioned above). To solve this problem JBL offers you the JBL PondOxi-Set for strong aeration. In summer especially you need to help your pond animals, as warm water absorbs considerably less oxygen than cold water. Having combatted and killed your algae, you definitely need to ensure there is a strong aeration. The degrading bacteria consume unbelievable amounts of oxygen. This even reaches a point where the lack of oxygen means the bacteria can’t degrade anymore. It is really important to read up a little on the subject of oxygen and to check with a water test.


Quick test to determine the oxygen content in freshwater/marine aquariums and ponds

  • To determine the current oxygen content and as a result indicate whether measures to increase the O2 content need to be taken
from 8,79 €

Oxygen supply in winter

In the cold season the animals gather at the pond bottom which is the warmest place (about 4 °C). If you now mix the water layers using a pump, air stones etc. the pond can continue to freeze and cause problems. An ice cover hinders the gas exchange at the surface. To avoid this an ice preventer in combination with an aeration device is paramount ( JBL PondOxi-Set )!

Oxygen saturation depending on the water temperature

°C mg/l
4 12.7
6 12.1
8 11.5
10 10.9
11 10.7
12 10.4
13 10.2
14 10
15 9.8
16 9.56
17 9.37
18 9.18
19 9
20 8.84
21 8.68
22 8.53
23 8.38
24 8.25
25 8.11
26 7.99
27 7.86
28 7.75
29 7.64
30 7.53
31 7.42
32 7.32