Useful utensils

Reduce the working time

Pincers and tongs

Pincers like JBL PROSCAPE TOOLS P STRAIGHT or tongs like JBL CombiFix can be used to remove excrement, dead feeder animals or other items you do not wish to touch with your bare hands.


Nets ( JBL Fish Net, coarse ) are convenient for catching agile aquatic animals in the terrarium, or even animals which have escaped in your home, without harming them.

Temperature control

Thermometers ( JBL Aquarium Thermometer Float ) and hygrometers ( JBL TerraControl ) are used to check the climate values in a terrarium.


Objects can be disinfected using 70 % alcohol. The object to be cleaned should be completely immersed in the alcohol and left to soak for at least 5 minutes.

Safety: terrarium locks

Terrarium locks JBL TerraSafe which slot between the sliding panes are a very useful tool to deny unauthorized persons (e.g. infants or to pets) access to the terrarium.