Expedition 2006 - South Africa and Lake Malawi

JBL Expedition 2006 - South Africa and Lake Malawi

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Nature Reserve

Expedition 2006 - Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Nature Reserve

The expedition continued to Mpila Camp in the Reserve. In the twilight many wild animals approached the tents, creating a real safari atmosphere. A hyena skulked around the team members and a band of warthogs waited impatiently for food leftovers.

A trip into the bush was scheduled for early in the morning. The team members were looking on foot for creepy crawlies. Rainer Nagel and Hartmuth Koschorke soon found some spiders, scorpions and lizards. Only snakes were rare and didn’t want to be detected.

During the day the temperature, light (luxmeter) and UV radiation were measured (results see Gallery Research). In the further course of the day, more saurian were sighted, including various monitor lizards and agama.