Expedition 2006 - South Africa and Lake Malawi

JBL Expedition 2006 - South Africa and Lake Malawi

2-Oceans Aquarium

Expedition 2006 - 2-Oceans Aquarium

The team accepted an invitation to the world-famous 2-Oceans Aquarium, which, as the name suggests, keeps animals from the two oceans on which it lies. The team members had the opportunity of looking behind the scenes to have the filter system and wave-making equipment explained. The question of the feeding of some of the individual aquarium occupants was also of great interest.

There was also the chance to swim in the large shark tank with sand tiger shark. After a short briefing, 3 team members at a time had the opportunity of getting into the 7 meter deep aquarium. It was apparent after only a short time that the creatures are unfortunately not kept under the conditions the species requires. They do not have places to rest, which in their natural habitat would be under overhanging rocks and in caves.

Nevertheless, the 2-Oceans Aquarium is definitely well worth visiting. Many rare marine creatures are kept in really large and beautiful aquariums. The range of creatures even includes sea snakes and box jellyfish.