guide booklet

In case these guide booklets are currently out of stock in your pet shop you can download the JBL aquatic brochures free of charge here.

Setting up an aquarium

Setting up an aquarium – useful tips for beginners.

How to set up an aquarium and what needs to be considered?

Save energy in your aquarium

How do you save energy in the aquarium? How do you save electricity in aquaristics? We will show you how to save money and how to protect the environment.


There are a lot of different fluorescent tubes for aquariums. But which is the right lighting for aquariums? What does full spectrum mean and what advantages do T5 tubes offer?

CO2 folder

What is CO2 fertilization used for? How do CO2 systems work? Find out all there is to know about plant care with CO2.

Technical Equipment

Which technical products are available for aquariums? How does an osmosis unit or an aquarium filter work? Find out about the latest technology for aquariums.


Tap water is not a biotope-compatible aquarium water – but what is the difference? How do the water tests work and what do these results means? How can you analyse aquarium water? A brief introduction to the water chemistry for everyone who dislikes water chemistry!