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Find out about JBL’s current pond innovations! Read the latest press releases and view pictures about the innovations in the pond segment. We use film clips to show you how effective the new pond products are, and how to use them.

New! JBL has the right food for biotope fish and small goldfish


More and more pond owners are becoming passionate about coldwater fish, which they keep in their ponds with goldfish and koi. Sticklebacks, bitterlings, gudgeons, minnows, sunbleaks and other species, referred to as biotope fish, are ...

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Autumn Feeding – Preparing your Pond Fish for the Winter


If you take the right steps now your fish will survive the winter, the low water temperatures and the ice cover on your pond, and stay fit and healthy. They even will be spared the dreaded spring viraemia. ...

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Why Summer is Not Winter


Have you ever wondered why you need to feed your koi with special summer food?

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