New products

New ideas, new developments and new research findings always lead to new products. Here you can read the latest press releases.

JBL Heat Protection Screens with Practical Bayonet


If you don’t want to burn your fingers on your terrarium spotlights and don’t want your animals to hurt themselves either, then you need a heat protection screen for your lamps. What makes the JBL TempProtect II ...

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Tortoises boycott Bioland


JBL meant well: the purely plant-based tortoise food JBL Herbil received the coveted Bioland seal because it is made exclusively using Bioland grasses. The owner liked it more than their tortoises, who found the food a ...

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JBL TempProtect light – for the female touch


The old JBL protective cages for terrarium lamps used to require a lot of brute force to press them onto the socket. But because anyone can be a terrarium enthusiast, from a bodybuilder to a “delicate flower”, we ...

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