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Das neue JBL NovoGranoMix XS und XXS - kleinstes Futter für kleine Fische

Eigentlich fehlte dieses Futter schon lange im JBL Futterprogramm! Aber erst auf den JBL Expeditionen bei Fütterungsversuchen fiel auf, dass kleine Salmler- und Barbenarten ein noch kleineres Futter als JBL NovoGranoMix brauchen.

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JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C mit modernem Magnetschalter

Der JBL Entwicklungsabteilung geht es manchmal so wie uns Verbrauchern mit aktuellen Handys: Kaum wird ein Model vorgestellt, gibt es schon wieder eine neue technische Entwicklung und das neue ist eigentlich schon wieder alt!

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JBL Japan Expedition returns

Never has a JBL expedition been so varied: pet shops in Tokyo - Japanese culture in Nikko - koi breeders in Mushigame – marine water research near Ishigaki and a jungle with freshwater biotopes at Iriomote!

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JBL Influencer Days - Online meets Offline Vol. 4 - 24 Hours with JBL

Last weekend JBL hosted the 4th Influencer Days "Online meets Offline", in which 15 popular influencers took part and spent 24 hours with JBL and the other influencers.

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The new JBL Terrarium Manual 2.0 is out now!

With 124 pages, the new edition of the JBL terrarium manual is 32 pages bigger and better than its previous version.

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The new JBL Pond Manual 2.0 has arrived!

136 pages of useful information about garden ponds and koi in one free manual!

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Bottles bulging with energy

The composition of the new version of JBL PROCLEAN POWER, a chlorine-based liquid to completely remove organic soiling such as algae from CO2 diffusers, ...

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JBL LED technology now also for terrariums

Even though UV-producing LED technology is still in its infancy, energy-saving LED technology is ideally suited for illuminating terrariums without UV and for supplying plants with their ideal light.

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Golden Trophy for JBL

We are pleased to announce that for a second time in a row JBL has won the Golden Trophy award for the aquarium and pond category. Coming ahead of again our competition including Tetra and Sera. Also for the first time JBL have won the Bronze trophy for pond accessories category.

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Fish Health TO GO With JBL Acclimol 50 ml Ampoule

The new 50 ml ampoule JBL Acclimol means that every aquarium owner can now have fish health at home quickly, easily and comfortably!

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