JBL NovoGranoVert mini is the preferred food of a rare ray-finned fish

The well-known fish specialist from Flensburg/Germany, Gerhard Ott, keeps the rare ray-finned fish, Gastromyzon viriosus, among others. In the beginning, the imports didn't eat anything, no matter what they were offered, all the way from red mosquito larvae to flake food. After countless attempts to offer these beautiful fish substitute food, which were futile unfortunately, JBL NovoGranoVert mini was also tried. This one food was the only one accepted by the animals in the initial weeks, and it continues to be their preferred food.

Gastromyzon viriosus, currently only found in the Tatau river basin in Central Sarawak (Borneo), reaches a length of around 6 cm. Like all ray-finned fish, it needs currents and high oxygen concentrations along with rocks to suction onto. Cryptocoryne balansae, Anubias sp. and Javafarn (Microsorum sp.) are plants that can also tolerate stronger currents. In nature, these fish feed on numerous plant and animal organisms of the biofilm on the rocks in their home waters.

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