Atomic research with JBL UV-C water clarifiers

JBL AquaCristal UV-C UV lamp - II Series

JBL receives an interesting letter from the Atomic Institute of the Technical University (TU) of Vienna: "You can see the AquaCristal UV-C II Series Lamp by JBL in the foreground and the new experiment of the Neutrons and Quantum Physics Groups at the Atomic Institute of the Technical University (TU) of Vienna in the background. Here, we deal with the physical issue of describing the circumstances right after the Big Bang.

UV-C lamps are very frequently used to kill algae, bacteria and other germs in aquariums and ponds. These lamps, however, aren't just used in situations of daily living.

Now, the AquaCristal UV-C lamp by JBL meets the requirements of science: Early 2011, we still had great trouble with cyanobacteria (blue algae) in the cooling circuit of the copper coils in our detector system. After killing the blue algae, we looked for a long-term solution.

We found what we were looking for at JBL's who were kind enough to provide us with an AquaCristal UV-C lamp free of charge. In the meantime, we have had this UV-C lamp installed as a bypass in our cooling circuit for several months. Small amounts of distilled, deionised water flow past the UV-C lamp continuously.

The result is very pleasing: Our algae trouble has come to be a thing of the past."

Neutron and Quantum Physics, Atomic Institute of the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien)

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