Day 1: It's 15:19, due to the 7-hour time difference

Due to the 7-hour time difference, we have arrived on the same day we left. I don't find the 12 hours in the air all too enjoyable, very different from our expedition doctor, Ludwig, who can sleep anyplace anytime.

No matter – we've put the long flight behind us. Current temperatures are around 26 °C and it's raining. Now it's off to our hotel and then to the dive centre to make plans for tomorrow morning.

The group can't wait to see the jungle and the cenotes. We'd love nothing more than to find a jeep and drive into the rain forest right away. But that would take too long. It's a drive of several hours from the airport near Cancun. So, it looks like we'll be starting off with our only saltwater day tomorrow.

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