Day 3: Our saltwater day is almost over

We spent the whole day on - or in - the ocean. The snorklers kept to the shallow areas and the scuba divers explored the deeper parts of a few reefs. The water temperature was 26 °C and visibility underwater was around 20 m. The reefs around Cancun are intact - there are no damaged corals!

We were productive and analysed all of the saltwater parameters. The underwater light measurements where one diver turns the light sensor towards the light at different depths and a second person reads the value on the display above water in the boat were interesting. The measured lux levels were at 125,000 above water and at 90,000 below the water surface.

During our dives, we saw large schools of fish, turtles and the Rock Beauty Angelfish (Holacanthus tricolor). It gets dark at 6:00 PM already and we added a night dive. I love to dive at night, because then, the focus is only on what your dive light reveals.

We spent another 5 hours underwater, after which we truly deserved our dinner.

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