Day 4: It feels like we've been here for a week already.

So many adventures in just one day distorts one's perception of time. Our second day in the cenotes (Gran Cenote and Car Wash Cenote (this cenote owes its name to the fact that people used to wash their cars here)) was also very exciting and educational.

On our way back to Tulum, we stopped at the Maya ruins of Tulum right by the seaside. As it was already late, we didn't have the usual throngs of tourists. The ruins are definitely worth seeing.

But the cenotes were the absolute highlight of our stay here in Mexico! They are hard to imagine if you haven't been there yourself: Huge deep holes in the ground filled with crystal clear water and fish, underwater plants and turtles. Surrounded by a dense rain forest. A true paradise for aquarium and terrarium/vivarium enthusiasts.

Now it's time to dismantle all of our underwater camera equipment and pack. That will keep us busy till midnight. Tomorrow, we will be heading for the airport and then flying to our next destination, Costa Rica.

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