Day 6: The night in the jungle was fine, but before that, ...

But before that, we were in the jungle till 1:00 AM and were actually able to see the strawberry dart frog, also known as the Blue Jean dart frog (Dendrobates pumilio). I also disovered a snake that has not been identified yet.

About the night: Michael wasn't able to sleep at all. Ludwig, our doctor, has never slept better – so he claims... It rained hard. But there were no encounters with nocturnal creepy-crawlies.

I got up as early as 5:00 AM to get some shots of the sunrise in the rain forest. Morning is the best time to capture the sunrays coming through the canopy of leaves and the rising moisture in a photograph.

We spent a long time at a river nearby, where we spent a lot of time catching fish and carried out various measurements. We were able to catch Priapichthys annectens and two different species of cichlid with our fish nets. We didn't find any shrimp, but we did see a glass frog (Centrolenidae)!

The air humidity was 80 % in the morning. The daytime temperatures fluctuate between 24 and 28 °C. The rain forest is far more beautiful even than the one in Mexico. Lots of primary forest with huge trees and more animals than around the cenotes.

After lunch, we continued on to the Arenal volcano. We will spend tonight in the middle of the rain forest again, but this time in normal beds in a lodge.

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