Day 9: The mosquitoes are annoying.

You put on mosquito spray, get into the water, come out and the mosquito spray is all gone!! The little beasts seem to be waiting for us on the shore all the time. I wonder how they can become so abundant when there are countless fish in the lake that love to feast on mosquito larvae.

We took a boat back to Costa Rica very early. There, we rode to the Caño Negro National Park where we were able to see the green iguana, turtles, basilisks and caymans. There are also primeval tropical gars living in the water bodies there, which, unfortunately though, we didn't see any of. Due it its isolated location on the Nicaraguan border, this national park barely gets any visitors.

Now we are on the way to the Tenorio volcano. There are supposed to be many snakes in the rain forest reserve around Heliconias Lodge. I hope so, because we haven't seen many until now. We will be starting our light and UV measurements there as well.

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