Day 10: What a fantastic day!

We were able to examine different levels of the rainforest by using suspended bridges and climbing means, carry out UV measurements and learn a lot about the living conditions of terrarium animals from the tropical rain forest.

Very many animals live in the treetops and can barely be reached. The leaf cutter ants and the palm vipers of the Bothriechis genus were especially interesting. Next, we will be entering a wetland which is known to have numerous frog species. And, as we know, where there are frogs, there are snakes – hopefully!

This evening, we will go out in search of red-eyed frogs. I have attached a small flashlight to the flash on the camera laterally with cable retainers so that I will have a ray of light in precisely the direction in which I am photographing. That is because the headlamp bumps against the flash sitting on top of the camera, so that it is useless as an additional source of light. Strange contraption – but it works!

We'll see what all is slithering and crawling around in the rainforest.

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