Day 11: The days have been filled with so many happenings that

The days have been filled with so many happenings that it is difficult to match them with the precise day they occurred on. Fortunately, though, we are keeping a detailed record of everything. After breakfast, we rode into the Pacific lowlands and to the Gulf of Nicoya.

From there, we took a boat into the mangroves. I had actually planned to go into the water there in order to shoot some photos in the mangroves. But there were so many frightfully large saltwater crocodiles in the water that I decided to stay in the boat. Had the water been clear, I probably would have ventured into the water. But "had it been", "would have" just doesn't count. Alright, then I'm a scaredy cat. Well, now it's official:)

In just a bit, we are going to meet up with Randall Arauz, manager of the local shark protection organisation who collaborates with SharkProject in Germany. He will talk to us about the problems of shark fin trade in Central America. Most of the shark fins for Asian shark fin soup came from here! Environmental crime is never far away, not even in what appears to be an environmental paradise. I am curious to hear what he has to say.

After that, we will make our way back to the airport at San Jose and fly to Panama and then Ecuador. And get some sleep and then proceed to the Galapagos Islands tomorrow.

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