Day 12: The information about the shark protection problems was

The information about the shark protection problems was devastating. People want to help, but can't really do anything. That is why JBL and I will continue supporting SharkProject in Germany in the battle to protect sharks.

The 1000 km flight to the Galapagos Islands was short. Galapagos is truly a magic word. Instantly, you are reminded of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. I'll bet there's barely anyone who wouldn't want to visit this place some time. Unfortunately, though, or better said, fortunately for nature, Galapagos is very expensive. Namely, the kind of mass tourism found on the island of Mallorca would spell ruin for the animals.

Now, we are going to ride to our hotel from the airport. I have seldom been as curious and excited as now. The Galapagos are a lifelong dream come true for me! We will also visit the Darwin Station, which is just a few minutes from our hotel, today. I can't wait to pet Lonesome George, the last tortoise of its species, which Darwin presumably already petted some 130 years ago.

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