Holiday aquariums

Many families don’t dare go away on holiday, because their aquarium usually looked pretty gross when they returned. If a neighbour or friend was asked to do the feeding, the fish looked like bloated puffer fish afterwards and the algae population had clearly won the battle against the plant population which was far smaller in number.

Automatic feeders or food portions in individual envelopes with one per day can remedy the problem. The JBL NovoGranoMix CLICK is a truly perfect option, because one clear instruction can be given to the aquarium sitter: 5 fish = click 1 x/10 fish = click 2 x. This will prevent overfeeding with all of the unpleasant consequences!

For short holidays, the holiday food, JBL Holiday , is a fine solution: The food, which the fish must "work" for, is contained in a mineral cube (gypsum = calcium sulphate) that has no negative impact on the water when it dissolves. The amount of food is suited for normal community tanks or goldfish tanks. And if you're only going away over the weekend, JBL offers the JBL Weekend .

It may interest to know that filters do not need to be cleaned during a holiday! Sufficiently large internal filters can go without cleaning for 5 weeks with no trouble, such as the JBL CristalProfi i100 greenline .

So, make ready the Click dispenser with feeding instructions and enjoy your holiday! It can be really that simple.

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