Others just talk - JBL helps on the spot

The Burratino daycare centre in Glienicke/Nordbahn finally has a working aquarium again! The project manager, Marion, writes to JBL:

"Our aquarium is a strong magnet, both for our older children and for the youngest. Thanks to your generous donation, the fish are doing very well. Feeding time is an exciting event every day. One reason is that the JBL NovoTabs stick to the glass panes so long so the children can watch the fish feeding much longer than usual.

Thanks also to the super filter, heater and JBL Denitrol, we have been able to create a stable environment for our daycare centre fish. When we – the children and staff - use the JBL bottom cleaner with suction function to clean the tank, cleaning is easy and absolutely successful. We wish to extend a sincere thank you for ALL of the accessories for our fish tank, which have provided the children and us with so much joy."

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