JBL safety data sheets accessible for everyone

It is human nature to sometimes make a mistake when using a product or for a product to be ingested by children. None of this is supposed to happen – but it does.

JBL has deposited so-called safety datasheets for “dangerous” products for the respective products on the JBL homepage here to help users react correctly in case of an emergency.

When you open a product on the JBL homepage, you will find a tab, “Further information“. There, you will find the safety datasheet of the product, among other things. For example, if someone accidentally uses JBL pH-Minus improperly, they can find an emergency number, the ingredients and appropriate first-aid measures there. In case the product is combustible (doesn’t apply to JBL pH-Minus), they will also find appropriate fire extinguishing measures here.

In addition, they will find information on disposal, transport regulations if applicable, toxicity, physical and chemical properties, protective gear, etc.. Safety comes first!

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