New JBL marine aquarium lighting – blue means non-actinic

Marine aquarium keepers long for something that simply does not exist: They dream of a blue tube which simultaneously emits maximum actinic radiation to enhance the fluorescence effect of the corals. Many believe that merely the blue colour is a sign of actinic radiation. Little do they realise, though, that a fluorescent tube with close to 100 % actinic radiation appears violet to the human eye!

The JBL Research & Development department is now able to make marine aquarium keepers’ wish for a tube with a blue tone AND an actinic spectrum come true: the new JBL SOLAR OceanBlue contains 50 % actinic radiation with a 100 % optical blue impression of colour. JBL offers the new fluorescent tubes with 10 wattages between 24 and 54 watts as high-output T5 tubes. A special coating ensures very constant light emission over a period of 24 months.

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