JBL TempProtect prevents injury to little feet

Many terrarium enthusiasts have been wondering for years why protective baskets for lamps are always constructed in a basic metal design. Can’t it also be done tastefully in a dark colour? And why always metal, which gets almost as hot as the lamp itself?

JBL is now offering a sophisticated alternative: With the X JBL TempProtect light in the sizes M and L terrarium animals can be effectively sheltered against the heat of UV spot lamps, metal halide lamps, neodymium spot lamps as well as against halogen lamps. The new heat-resistant synthetic material achieves a decrease in temperature of over 100 °C compared to metal baskets! Tests show that conventional protective baskets, like those using a 100 W metal halide lamp, have surface temperatures of 242°C on their upper edge. This is not really pleasant for tiny reptile feet. That’s why we say: JBL TempProtect prevents injury to little feet!

  • JBL TempProtect light M: for small illuminants up to 100 mm Ø approx.
  • JBL TempProtect light L: for large illuminants up to 130 mm Ø approx.

The new heat protective baskets can be clipped together in a matter of seconds with every JBL TempSet socket.

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