JBL: An expedition in catalogue form

Even the food revolution of JBL PlanktonPur is the absolute highlight of the new JBL Aqua-Repti Catalogue 2014, it is very closely followed by a variety of other new items. New JBL Sansibar substrates, new JBL Artemia FD food, new fluorescent tubes for aquariums and terrariums, cool heat protection screens for terrarium lamps and quite a few more innovations are waiting for you.

The catalogue is richly illustrated with pictures of the last JBL workshop in Vietnam, and for the first time you will find your application form for the next JBL expedition to Australia/the Pacific region in the catalogue. Tables outlining fish feeding, CO2 systems or animal care for terrariums complete the JBL work, which is significantly more than “just” a catalogue.

Do you also have a garden pond? Then the JBL pond catalogue 2014 makes for stimulating reading. A completely new concept makes combatting pond fish diseases a piece of cake.

Request your personal copy from JBL directly, or browse in our online catalogue. For either click here Catalogues / Manuals

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