The 4-star all inclusive hotel with day nursery for mothers-to-be

Spawning boxes have existed for a long time. But this new spawning box from JBL beats all records:

  • Non-stop fresh air in the room! An air pump(included together with hose, check valve and air stone) supplies permanently fresh and oxygen-rich water into the spawning box.
  • Suicide is impossible: The compartments have their own cover panels in order to prevent the residents from jumping out.
  • Requests for single rooms can be considered: Due to variable mounting parts 2 single compartments, 1 very large breeding tank, 2 medium sized breeding tanks, 1 single compartment plus large breeding compartment or also a large spawning compartment are possible.
  • Room with lift: To keep the fish covered at all times, even with fluctuating water levels (e.g. during a water change), the complete spawning box has a levelling adjustment to adapt it to the changing water level.

The next best thing to the Buri Al Arab in Dubai! Except that a night in the suite there costs € 1000.

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