The new JBL catalogue has arrived

What makes the JBL Catalogue Aquarium Reptile 2015 special are not its over 1000 photos, nor the masses of information about JBL’s well-known product range, but its 62 new products and a revolution in the field of water analysis which turns your smartphone into a water test photometer! Granted: 164 pages of information with new tables and pages full of specialist information about aquarium substrates, parasite control, CO2 functionality or terrarium substrates can’t replace a training seminar, but they do provide a good knowledge base!

Many are eagerly awaiting the destination of the next JBL expedition which will be announced for the first time in the catalogue. Those who want to accompany the JBL research team 2016 to Venezuela into the Orinoco Delta and the jungle at the foot of the table mountains will find the application form in the JBL catalogue (and online).

The JBL catalogues (Aquarium/Reptile and Pond) are available as a download from 24 Dec. 2014 under Manuals (catalogue) zur Verfügung.

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