There is only one CO2 system which is better than the JBL ProFlora CO2 fertilisers

The new JBL ProFlora fertiliser systems are even better than their predecessors: They can now be mounted without using tools (thanks to a new knurled nut at the pressure regulator), have an attractive design thanks to their new silver safety cage and the new key component: a pH computer, which, along with its modern white design, has a touchpad! The solenoid valve, previously installed in the control unit, has been “cored”, so that an aquarium owner who already has a CO2 system with a solenoid valve still can use it.

The big advantage of the JBL CO2 systems has been retained: Anyone can switch from disposable to refillable systems (and vice versa) in just a few minutes. So, for example, using a CO2 supply with disposable cylinders on holiday is not a problem. The pH electrode needs to be purchased separately and is NOT available in the kit. This ensures that the aquarium owner always receives a brand new electrode with its full life span. With the new JBL ProFlora CO2 fertiliser systems a perfect plant growth is guaranteed for experts and for beginners!

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