State-of-the-Art Touch Display on the new JBL pH Computer

It is not a smartphone but it’s still small, white and equipped with a touch display: the new JBL ProFlora pH-Control Touch!

Aquarium enthusiasts, retailers and shop assistants have provided JBL with plentiful suggestions on how to design a modern pH control device, and JBL has managed to put all these ideas into practice. The JBL pH-Control Touch measures the pH value of the water by means of a separately available pH electrode, and it steers the CO2 supply to guarantee perfect plant growth. The solenoid valve is no longer integrated inside the device, it is connected to the new pH-Control Touch by an adapter cable. This way aquarium owners can continue to use a solenoid valve they have already bought for the night shut-off. The owners can decide whether they would like to receive reminders to calibrate the pH electrode after 30, 45 or 60 days! Warning functions can be set on flashing, on sound or even completely switched off. A temperature measure is integrated in the device. The colour display of the normal work mode shows the current pH value and the water temperature legibly and clearly. The relevant values and functions only become visible in the setting mode. The new JBL pH-Control Touch is the ideal technology for every aquarium owner who wants not only luxuriant plant growth, but also an ideal pH level for their aquarium dwellers. JBL PROFLORA pH-Control Touch

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