The JBL Expedition Team is Set to Go

On April 6, 2016 the JBL research team is setting off with 50 people to the Orinoco and to Venezuela’s tabletop mountains in order to carry out aquatic and herpetological research for 10 days. Included in the luggage are the new JBL potassium and magnesium water tests to give us detailed information about the water composition at locations with aquatic plants. By measuring the currents in the rivers of the tabletop mountains, southeast of Venezuela, we’ll find out which of the fish and plant species living there prefer the currents and how strong the currents actually are. Even though Venezuela is politically turbulent, we do not expect the team to be affected by the unrest because the rainforest of Orinoco and the isolation of the tabletop mountains both remain peaceful areas.

The jungle of Venzuela has no internet reception, but the team will still file sporadically but live reports about the expedition from there. You will find the reports in the Blog . In the follow-up to the journey we will, as with all the other expeditions, provide you with measurement data and daily reports with plentiful photos and videos under Expeditions .

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