JBL Lecture at the worldwide Biotope & Aquascape Festival in Italy

From June 03 to 05, 2016 a very special event is taking place in North Italy in memory of Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke, the well-known expert on discus.

Initiated by Heiko Blessin, aquarists and scientists from all over the world will come together near Lake Maggiore. Specialist lectures will be accompanied with the best Italian food and wine, there will be awards for the best discus and biotope aquariums and there will also be the opportunity for face-to-face meetings and exchanges with leading experts.

JBL’s Heiko Blessin will give a lecture on the subject of biotope aquatics, which, in addition to giving examples of different biotopes, will highlight the typical mistakes many biotope scapers make.

This is the first time such an event has ever been held and it is one no dedicated aquarium enthusiast should miss.

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