ProPond: The Future of Koi Nutrition Is Coming in 2017

Koi food is ten a penny. But before planning our completely new koi food concept the JBL food development department got together with leading koi importers and breeders to hear what they wanted.

Interestingly ALL of them were, for various reasons, dissatisfied with the foods they used. With this information and all the data available from aquacultures the NEO INDEX® was developed. It doesn’t just take the seasons into account but also the age, size and living conditions of the koi. But not even this resulting protein/fat ratio of the food is the only determining factor; the 3:1 protein/fat ration of a spring food, for instance, is identical with that of an autumn food. But the two foods are still fundamentally different:

In spring the fish need to be pepped up after the winter with floating food, whereas in autumn energy and fat reserves need to be built up for the winter. Autumn food also needs to sink so that the animals can rest and are not forced to swim to the surface.

The new 15 million euro production facility is currently in its test phase and in January 2017 the new JBL ProPond food concept with the NEO INDEX® will be available to every koi enthusiast.

You will find initial information about the only physiological-nutritional concept with the NEO INDEX® on our landing page along with a newsletter dedicated to nutrition and ProPond: ProPond® / NEO Index®

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