Whales and aquarists are waiting for their Arctic plankton

Summer has finally reached the Arctic. The water temperatures have increased slightly and there is enough light during the long and sunny days. And the vegetable and animal plankton (zooplankton) is beginning to reproduce massively! Whales have begun to catch fresh plankton, and so have plankton catchers for JBL PlanktonPur. The plankton is caught with special plankton nets, then sieved, cleaned and it is afterwards conserved with a thermal process without preservatives. After only two weeks it arrives, freshly packed, from Norway, at JBL in Neuhofen and to continue its journey to the pet shops in every corner of the planet.

JBL PlanktonPur consists of pure zooplankton which represents a pure, colouring food for ornamental fish, which is extremely rich in energy. Sealed for freshness, it is available as 2 and 5 g sticks. Make sure you get your freshly caught plankton from the Arctic. You can’t feed your fish with a more healthy and varied food!

By the way: Don’t be worried about taking food away from whales. JBL’s annual ration of PlanktonPur corresponds to the quantity which escapes from the closing mouths of only ONE pod of whales when they are feeding. Even when the whales have had enough, there still is so much plankton available that it mainly dies off at the end of the season.

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