Our popular JBL ProScan app is now available in 11 languages

The popular water analysis using your smartphone has been on the market for almost two years now. Month for month we have been reacting to user feedback adding further features to the app. After over half a million measurements and 170,000 saved measurements in the myJBL world more than 110,000 users have thoroughly tested the app and the measuring process and have given it a positive rating. This was reason enough to address the requests for new languages. Along with German, English and French the app is now available in Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

Before the end of this year there will be another major update to improve data matching and to replace the previous unidirectional communication (which was a bit like a one-way street) with a bidirectional version between your smartphone and the world of myJBL.

JBL PROSCAN is not only used as a fully functional water test for the analysis of aquariums, ponds and water but also as simple addition to the existing drop test range. A quick outline of the most important parameters is very easily determined in only 60 seconds using your smartphone. Reliable, simple and connected with the world of myJBL.

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