JBL Heat Protection Screens with Practical Bayonet

If you don’t want to burn your fingers on your terrarium spotlights and don’t want your animals to hurt themselves either, then you need a heat protection screen for your lamps. What makes the JBL TempProtect II special is the fact that we use a dedicated plastic which stays cooler than any other material and thus offers the best protection for fingers and animals. The black plastic colour is unobtrusive so that the heat protection screens will hardly be noticed in the terrarium. The new Version II has a very practical bayonet, made of dimensionally stable LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) which is heat-resistant up to 290°C. This enables you to attach it to the socket (JBL TempSet) within seconds so that it is absolutely stable. The new heat protection screen JBL TemProtect II light is available in 2 sizes: M for small lamps up to 100 mm diameter and L for lamps up to 130 mm in diameter.

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